We are open from Monday to Sunday! More info at the Glassmaker´s Tavern and Guided Tours sections. From June, 22nd - September, 22 you can also visit the exhibition AJETO 30 in nearby Glass Museum in Nový Bor.

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About us

We are carrying on the legacy of a long tradition in Czech glass production.

Ajeto’s history

Our glassworks was founded on 28 October 1994 in the town of Lindava near Nový Bor, the traditional hub of Bohemian glass production. Among the glassworks’ original founders was the famous Czech architect Bořek Šípek and we continue to produce the Czech Thalia theater awards based on his design to this day. Since 2011, we have been the proud producer of trophies for the world-renown Tour de France bicycle race. Over the years, our glassworks has also become a place which brings together Czech and foreign glassmakers, artists, designers, architects, actors and filmmakers.

In 2017, the Ajeto glassworks has become part of the LASVIT company, and we are proud to be producing much of their product portfolio. We focus on producing bespoke glass products, and we also rent out a large part of our production capacity to various design studios, schools, or other companies.


The Ajeto brand is founded and production starts in a rented glassworks near Nový Bor.


The first glassmakers who produce in various glassworks start coming together while looking for a place of their own. They finally find it in the former suede coloring plant, originally built in 1816, which they renovate.


Meeting of the original founders Bořek Šípek, Petr Novotný and Libor Fafala.

28 October 1994

The glassworks is launched on the occasion of the International Glass Symposium.


Cooperation with LASVIT begins; most LASVIT products start being produced in our glassworks.


The glassworks becomes part of the LASVIT company.


Production of the Thalie theater award begins.


Production of the Tour de France trophies begins.

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