Born on February 9, 1952.

1967 - 1969 glassmaking apprenticeship at the Apprentice School Nový Bor
1969 - 1972 Secondary Glass Art and Craft School, Nový Bor
1972-1980 employed in the Crystalex glassworks Nový Bor
1983 acquired the title "Art Craft Master"
1980-1990 pedagogue at the Glass Apprentice School Nový Bor
1981, 84, 87, 90 participation in the International Glass Symposia Nový Bor
1984 glass symposium, Hergiswill, Switzerland
1985 Glas Kunst Tagen, Imhenhausen, Germany
1986 Glass Art Society Conference, Los Angeles, USA, glass symposium, Leerdam, Holland
1988 glass symposium, Frauenau, Germany
1989 glass symposium, Pecs, Hungary
1991 glass symposium, Otaru, Japan
1992 beginning of pedagogical activities at the Pilchuck Glass School, USA
Since the 1990s until now regular participation in world glass conferences and cooperation with numerous international glass schools.
2003 foundation of his own art glass school in Nový Bor
Petr Novotný collaborates with outstanding world glass artists and designers (René Roubíček, Dale Chihuly, Marwin Lipofski, Edward Leibowitz, Willem Heesen). By experts, he is rated among three world celebrities in the field of the glass art craft, i.e. Lino Tagliatpietra from Murano, Italy and William Morris from the USA.

Detailed curriculum of Petr Novotny