MANAGEMENT - Ajetoglass


Providing the operation and development of Ajeto together with owners.

Jaroslav Turnhöfer - director

Born 1963 in Česká Lípa.
Graduated from the Secondary Industrial Glass School Nový Bor. Continued in his studies at the Chemical-Technological University Prague from 1987 - 1992.
After finishing his studies he worked as the head of technological glass preparing, later on as the production manager at the Egermann - Exbor glassworks and Crystalex in Nový Bor. Since 2002 the director of the AJETO glassworks.

Vendula Vrabcová – assistant of the director

Born 1972 in Česká Lípa.
Graduated from the Secondary Agronomial-Technical School Česká Lípa.
Then, she worked at the Alexandra glassworks Prácheň.
Since 1996 a director assistant and a cutting shop head in the AJETO glassworks.

David Sobotka - manager

Born 1975 in Jablonec nad Nisou.
1989 - 1993 studies at the Secondary Industrial School of Glass and Arts Kamenický Šenov, specialization design and glass painting.
Since 1993 a Bořek Šípek´s manager, designer, art and PR manager at the AJETO glassworks.
In this office, he regularly participates in glass art symposia and conferences and provides special art projects.


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